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August & his niece Amaya at a father/daughter dance. This is so sweet. <3

My heaaarrrt

Sweetest thing everrrrr

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Protect black children. Love black children. Support black children. They are our future; never lose sight of that.

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I admire women who are effortlessly stylish, who laugh easily, who are genuinely kind, and who tell the truth about themselves.





You can be mature and respectful and still have a dirty sense of humour.

 You can curse a lot and still be highly intelligent with a massive vocabulary.

You can be quiet and reserved and still be witty and even outgoing in certain circles.

You can be intelligent and sharp-minded and still forget what month it is
Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there,” or being in the present but wanting to be in the future. It’s a split that tears you apart inside. To create and live with such an inner split is insane. The fact that everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it any less insane.
Eckhart Tolle (via beautiful-ambition)

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